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Introductory Open Dialogue Workshop DVDs


Presented by Markku Sutela

  • 2 DVD training package
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Presented by Markku Sutela This 2 DVD training package shows a two day workshop that was recorded during the Open Dialogue training that was presented in Brisbane, Australia in February, 2014.

Markku Sutela, MA, was the Chief Psychologist at Keropudas Hospital in Western Lapland, Finland and had been part of the Open Dialogue team since 1983. Markku sadly passed away in December, 2014. These DVDs are a valuable record showcasing the 30 years of practical experience Markku had accumulated working in and developing the Open Dialogue approach.

Day 1 – Overview & introduction: Outline of the Need Adapted Approach; development of the Open Dialogue Approach systems, practices and organisations structures; the experience and evaluation of the approach, as devised and refined by the team in Tornio, Finland.

Day 2 – Experiential: Elaboration of Open Dialogue Approach’s skills training; dialogical processes with a live family discussion; participant supervision opportunities, consistent with dialogical reflective practice.

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